• New York-based pixel artist, illustrator, character designer, and animator.• SVA Animation Class of 2020 Alumni.


• Graduated in School of Visual Arts Animation Class of 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.• Loves drawing with all sorts of unconventional mediums and bright, expressive colors!• Super-flexible with lots of experience in many different visual styles and tones.• Long-time pixel artist and pixel animator, with experience in several shipped games!

Work Experience

Scratchin' Melodii | 2023
Sidechain Fever pixel art
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 | 2022
Paramount Pictures, Picturemill
Pixel artist, animator, style frames
Stars In The Sky | 2022
Kid Cudi, Paramount Pictures, Picturemill
Pixel artist, animator
Get in the Car, Loser! | 2021-2023
Love Conquers All Games
Pixel artist, animator
Steel Assault | 2021
Zenovia Interactive
Pixel artist, animator, storyboards
Let's Talk About Sonic! | 2021-2022
Podcast co-host, video editing

Get in Touch!

• Got questions, work inquiries, or just want to say hello? I can be reached by any of the following:

Twitter | @mitsame_
Email | [email protected]

Character Design

Original WorkDesigns created from scratch for personal projects or freelance

Derivative WorkSmall-scale projects and fan art

Visual DevelopmentVarious explorations for different design concepts

Pixel Art

Paid WorkExamples of paid work for clients

Original WorkPersonal projects featuring designs I've created

Derivative WorkPersonal, small-scale projects and fan art


SUCKER SUCKERSThesis film created in final year at SVA - animated amongst a team of 6 in pixel art

DESPERADOShort film produced in 2nd year animation class at SVA - animated in rough pixel art

RhythmJam - Mario KartAnimated in Adobe After Effects with hand drawn pixel art


Personal WorkPersonal, small-scale projects and fan art

Commissioned WorkExamples of paid work for clients